Surviv io

About is an online multiplayer action game with Battle Royale mechanics. Join a team or play solo in free for all matches, arm yourself with a weapon, find shelter and resources, survive for as long as you can and avoid getting shot or consumed by the storms coming from every direction.

When you start a new Surviv io game you spawn at a random spot on a spacious map. Other players are nearby, some are hiding and waiting for their time to strike, others are actively engaging each other in battle. Your first task is to find a way to defend yourself: look for anything that can be of use – a pistol, an SMG or any other weapon. Sometimes you stumble upon weapons left by deceased players after a firefight – don’t hesitate to take what’s left, you’re going to need it.

Timing is everything in Surviv io: be the first one to find a weapon and get a huge advantage, look out for the storms to avoid getting killed by the environment, attack only when you’re sure you will survive. Control your character from top-down with W, A, S and D keys, move the mouse to aim and click to shoot. Pressing F will allow you to interact with your surroundings and gather items.  Can you become the last man standing in Surviv .io?

We recommend playing in Subway Surfers.


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